Dockerize infra on various clouds

The Docker-ize Solution

Developer Workflows

Docker allows you to compose your application from microservices, without worrying about inconsistencies between development and production environments.

Registry Services

Docker lets you design the entire cycle of application development,testing and distribution, and manage it with a consistent user interface.


Docker offers you the ability to deploy scalable services, securely and relibly, On a wide variety of platforms.


Developers have freedom to define environments, and the ability to create apps. IT Ops can deploy apps faster, allowing the business to outpace competition.


Developers own all the code from infrastructure to app. IT ops have the manageability to standardize, secure, and scale the operating environment, while reducing overall costs to the organization.


Docker gives teams the choice to leverage any infrastructure whether in the cloud, on VMs or baremetal servers allowing companies to make the best business decision for them.

Docker Use Cases


Enable developers to develop and test applications more quickly and within any environment


Break down barriers between Dev and Ops teams to improve the app development process

Infrastructure Optimization

Decrease infrastructure costs while increasing its efficiency

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