The entire cloud works as a single server with infinite resources and always available. There is no VM node, cluster, or scheduler to manage.
The workflow is simply:
1. hyper pull nginx
2. hyper run nginx

5-Second Provisioning

Pull your Docker image from Docker Hub, private registry, or even from S3, then hyper run to launch it. Your container will be live in 5 seconds!

Per Second Billing

Forget about the expensive hourly rates. uses a per-second billing model, which allows you to launch a new container in 5 seconds, run for 30s, shutdown in 1s. Pay as little as 5+30+1=36 seconds!

Micro Instance

Breakdown your monolithic application into micro-services with's micro containers (64MB mem). They are agile, efficient, and cost effective!

DevOPS Use Cases


This is the optimal container hosting service to create your CI/CD pipeline. No more long running costly VMs sitting waiting for build jobs. With you only pay when you’re building.

Dev / Test

This allows you to focus on code. With our Docker native workflow, and no VM clusters to manage or upfront planning to perform, developing on DevOPS is the same as on your laptop. You know Docker, you know Cloudadic.


Build out your own serverless platform or app on DevOPS. The combination of incredibly fast boot times, coupled with strong isolation and ease of use, makes DevOPS a perfect service to run your event-driven workloads.

Demo / Poc

Need to showcase your new project or app? Deploying to DevOPS is incredible fast and with a few Docker commands, your app is up and running for the world to see.

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